Elia Greek Street Food
Elia Greek Street Food
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August 25, 2021

Meet the heroes of our menu – The Wrap. The Box

Elia – Greek Street Food is bringing the taste of traditional Greek gyros to London, enriching their palette with the traditional cuisine that’s bursting with flavour.

Welcome to Elia Greek Street Food
With our new identity, what began as a pipedream of becoming a thriving Greek street food business has become a reality. Our tradition and vision have been brought to life in a way that best reflects Elia’s vibrancy and culture. So, allow us to introduce you to our delicious specialty meals and Greek gyros in London.

The Wrap. The Box.

Say hello to the heroes of our menu, The Wrap and The Box. Across our new identity, you’ll see these being featured on our website, social media and our street food stalls and events. They play a big part in Elia as they represent the two core products of our business.

Our menu consists of traditional Greek gyros in London, freshly handmade for the most succulent taste. Our chicken and pork are carefully marinated in our Greek village recipe and are served inside a toasted pitta bread with all the trimmings and our homemade signature sauces.

Our flavour-filled boxes come with two tender skewers of chicken or pork, and are served alongside crispy chips sprinkled in oregano, lettuce, red cabbage with carrots, tomatoes, onions, parsley, a pitta bread, and one of our delicious homemade sauces.

Our Greek street food

We might be big on our signature Greek gyros in London, but we also cater for the meat free eaters and offer a range of sides which can be viewed on our menu.

We offer thick, grilled halloumi and Greek falafel chickpea patties that can be served in our boxes and gyros wraps, all filled with the delicious trimmings, so everyone can get an authentic taste of Greece.

Meet the heroes of our menu

Wondering where you can meet our heroes? Find Elia at three locations in Camden across the market. You can find The Wrap and The Box at our Buck Street stall, in Camden Lock’s West Yard, and down the Italian Alley of Camden Stables Market.

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Elia Greek Street FoodElia Greek Street Food


Buck Street Market,
Camden Town, NW1 8QP

Tuesday - Sunday

Camden Lock Market
(West Yard)

Tuesday - Sunday
12:00 - 17:00

Italian Alley
(Camden Stables Market)

Wednesday - Sunday

96 Leather Lane,
London, EC1N 7TJ

Tuesday - Thursday